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Bastar Tribes of Chhattisgarh

Bastar Tribes of ChhattisgarhBastar, the land of tribes and natural resources, is the largest tribal district of the newly formed Indian state of Chhattisgarh. About 70% of the total population of Bastar comprises of tribals, which is 26.76% of the total tribal population of Chhattisgarh. The major tribes of the Bastar region are the Gond, Abhuj Maria, Bhatra, Halbaa, Dhurvaa, Muria and BisonHorn Maria. The Gonds of Bastar are one of the most famous tribes in India, known for their unique Ghotul system of marriages. Gonds are also the largest tribal group of central India in terms of population.

The tribes of Bastar region are known for their unique and distinctive tribal culture and heritage in all over the world. Each tribal group in Bastar has their own distinct culture and enjoy their own unique traditional living styles. Each tribe has developed its own dialects and differ from each other in their costume, eating habits, customs, traditions and even worship different form of god and goddess. A large number of Bastar tribals are still living in deep forests and avoid mixing with outsiders in order to protect their own unique culture. The tribes of Bastar are also known for their colorful festivals and arts and crafts. The Bastar Dussehra is the most famous festival of the region. The tribals of Bastar were also amongst the earliest to work with metal and have expertise in making beautiful figurines of tribal gods, votive animals, oil lamps, carts and animals. Bastar is also blessed with exceptional natural beauty and promises to be a favorite destination for researchers, anthropologists, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

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